Home Window Tinting Perth, is the most cost-effective building insulationoffice window tinting perth
available and is responsible for the prevention of heat and glare
from entering into a building, even with blinds and curtains drawn,
the U.V. rays still pass through the glass and fade home furniture
and heat up the inside of a home.

Window Size and orientation of the windows will largely determine
the energy efficiency of a building, for many building owners and
managers, window tinting is the first action taken towards
achieving an environmentally sustainable building.
In Summer 87% of Solar heat can be gained through glass windows
and in Winter 49% of heat can be lost through the same glass

The Benefits of Home Window Tinting

The effectiveness of Home Window Tinting is that it can block up to 99% of harmful U.V.A. and U.V.B. rays, which helps to prevent damage from Skin Cancer and will drastically reduce fading of carpets and furniture and warping of home equipment and desks from high amounts of heat.

The other benefits are that Window Tinting can be “retrofitted” to existing glass windows so there is no need to endure the cost of replacing glass windows before installation of Window Tinting, and in some tricky situations we have a highly specialized film that is designed to be installed to the outside of the glass if access is not available on the inside.

office window tinting perth

Window Tinting will reduce the amount of energy required to cool
a home building by stopping the heat at its source (the glass
windows) therefore reducing the temperature immediately around
the perimeter of a building and allowing air-conditioning systems to
be used sparingly or placed on a higher temperature than was
possible previously and thus allowing saving in energy
consumption, up to 30% by lowering cooling and heating costs.

With the need to conserve energy also comes the need to reduce
most companies carbon footprint and the need to conform to
stricter environmental standards for energy efficiency. At the same
time the cost of energy continues to rise which affects a
companies bottom line, this is where window tinting comes into its
own with proven heat rejection properties, window tinting will help your business consume less energy by keeping interior temperatures more controllable and stable, which will lower the need for air-conditioning in some circumstances.

Window Tinting also has the added bonus of reducing peaks in airconditioning usage during a hot afternoon and this will allow your cooling system to operate more efficiently and inexpensively.

As an added bonus, Window Tinting also reduces Glare, especially if the sun reflects off the surface of parked cars or other building facades, thus reducing productivity in your workforce due to excessive eye strain and the reduced ability to see computer screens, also Window Tinting will provide day time privacy which is beneficial if your windows are at ground level looking on to a footpath or car park or another building.

Star Tint is committed to attending all of your Window Tinting needs and we are happy to provide obligation free quotes, contact us today, saving energy is an investment we can all afford.

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