Decorative Films Perth are a broad range of films normally described as “frosting” they are useful in providing privacy during the day time and night time and they also allow the natural light to come in, however they do not stop very much heat unlike Window Tinting.

The beauty of decorative films is that they come in many colours and there are over 100 different types for different applications. Some of the more popular versions are:

Silver Frost, Pearl Frost, Dusted Frost and sparkly “Hollywood” films, they are manufactured with warranties ranging from 5-7 years.

Most people don’t realise it but Decorative films are used inside banks for privacy on the tellers windows in a thin strip, they are used in offices to provide privacy and decoration, and they are used in a wide variety of signage both indoors and outdoors and they are regularly computer cut into corporate logo’s and decorative features.

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Decorative Films